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CRE Property

We are a group of experienced commercial real estate experts and specialize in commercialization, management and sale of income-generating objects. We are engaged in rental, hire, purchase and sale of office, warehouse and retail space.

The professional staff of our company serves for real estate owners, tenants and investors, finding business, financial, economic and real estate solutions.

Doing day-to-day work, we also carry out improvement activities aimed at optimizing the profit and satisfaction of the owner, and also seek additional income from the property. Respecting the time of our clients, we take on as much responsibility as possible with respect to the operation of commercial real estate while retaining key decisions of the Owner.


We indicate the right location for every kind of business.


We commercialize the owners’ buildings and maximize their value.


We connect business partners in the process of purchase and sale of commercial real estate.


We manage the property properly ensuring the owner’s income safety.

For the Tenant

Dla Najemcy

A manager’s decision to change employment’s size or the location of the company is the first step in searching for a new office. We advise in the process of this change. Choosing the area that takes into account the best standard in the right location at the optimum price is a real challenge in today’s fast-changing economic environment. We know how to do this.

We commercialize buildings

We develop strategies for the commercialization of real estate based on Owner guidelines, to maximize property value and return on investment. The result of the strategy is to rent out the buildings and to create a revenue-generating investment product.

What we do:

  • analysis of actual tenants status (rents, agreement periods, agreement types)
  • analysis of competitors satus and finding out strengths and weeknesess
  • develop strategy and marketing budget (visual identification, promotional campaigns, PR activities)
  • prepare tenant-mix and target group
  • prepare offers and promote them
  • propose changes: rent costs matched to building quality and real estate market conditions, agreements terms and types
  • present offer for potencial tenants
  • search potencial tenants. We conduct business talks
  • cooperate with the most effecitve real estate brokes to accelerate the commercialization process
  • monitoring of financial status and credibility potencial tenants
  • prepare and negotiate rental agreements
  • develop possitive relations with tenants
  • monthly reports of undertaken actions
  • consult and improve activities aimed at optimalizing the profit and satisfaction of the owner and seek additional income from real estate



We share the knowledge and experience accumulated over many years in the field of commercial real estate. The processes of sale/purchase, rental/ of real estate require diligence and expert advice at every  stage of transaction management. We provide added value consisting of: continuous contact and assistance for key decision makers, maintaining broad contacts with co-workers that can help implement the plan, creating professional statements, analyzes and audits, recommendations of subcontractors or process suppliers, representation in conducting trade talks and negotiations as well asmany other consulting issues aimed at the best possibile effects for the client.

We sale commercial real estates

Well invested capital in real estate market, managed by professionals should provide the investor long-term and short-term benefits, regardless of market fluctuations.  Effectively we associate with buyers and sellers, and bring them to transaction.

Real estate management

We make decisions and actions to ensure proper economic and financial usibility of real estate and ensure its safety and proper use. We manage buildings on a regular basis, keep the property in a state of harmony for its intended purpose and perform activities to improve its condition.

What we do:

  • We contract with media providers and control its execution
  • Provide continuity of maintenance and current repairs, including the supervision of the services responsible for maintaining order on the property and its immediate surroundings
  • Accountings of the costs of media
  • We book records of income and expenses and make the property settlement costs of property maintenance based on established principles. Registry is based on a separate bank account designed to handle only the property
  • Plan the real estate budget along with planned maintenance expenses
  • Supervise of timeliness of payments made by tenants in the context of ensuring uninterrupted operation of the entire facility and the income of the Owners
  • We prepare and implement a schedule to optimize the functioning of the property, covering both revenue and cost, including renegotiating agreements / changing service providers
  • We vindicate overdue receivables, excluding legal representation in court collection
  • Supervise of profesional legal representative in case of necessity of cooperation for the recovery of debts,
  • analyze the current situation of Tenants (rates, period of contract, type of contract)
  • we analyze the competition and find the strengths and weaknesses of the object
  • We prepare a strategy and marketing budget (comprehensive corporate identity, promotional campaigns, PR)
  • We are developing tenant-mix and a target Tenants
  • We prepare and promote the offer, adjust the appropriate marketing mix
  • We propose changes: rental rates matched to the quality of the building and the rental market, contract periods and types of contracts tailored to the market
  • Conduct presentations offer on the property
  • We obtain and carefully select tenants, conduct trade talks
  • We control the execution of tenancy agreements by tenants, to the extent that they affect the functioning of the whole or other property agreed with the Landlord,
  • We provide continuity of building insurance in agreed terms
  • Book technical documentation
  • Take care of the deadlines of technical inspections of objects, supervise those operations and control the implementation of post-inspection recommendations, with particular regard to chimney, gas, electrical, general construction
  • Set renovation plans in consultation with the Owners, prepare and control the execution of repair plans
  • Cooperate in obtaining the relevant official decisions in connection with the planned construction work on the property,
  •  We represent Landlors in external contacts with insitutions, companies and public administration
  • Cooperate with companies which provide 24/h emergency technical support
  • We provide legal facilities by cooperating with legal companies
  • We provide accounting facilities by working with accounting offices.
  • We monitor the financial and credibility of potential tenants
  • We prepare, negotiate and conclude a lease
  • We pass place on the basis of the acceptance protocol
  • We build positive relationships with tenants
  • We conduct monthly report on measures taken
  • We offer advice and improvement actions to optimize profit and satisfaction of the owner and the search for additional income from property


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CRE Property
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