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(Stare Miasto)

Available area: 406m2

One of the most recognizable objects in Poznan. Revitalized office building in the center.

West Point Business Center


Available area: 286m2

Business Center is ideal for businesses from the western part of Poznan.

Office for sale

(Stare Miasto)

Available area: 209.71m2

For sale a commercial property ideally suited for a law firm, accounting office or other small business.

PGK Office Buildings


Available area: 615m2

Modern office complex on Poznan Marcelin.

Garbary 67

(Stare Miasto)

Available area: 307.8m2

A revitalized office building in the center. A-class standard

Business Garden Poznań


Available area: 1522m2

Modern office complex on Grunwald.

Office building

(Stare Miasto)

Available area: 934.52m2

PIXEL V Office


Available area: 185.02m2

One of the five facilities of a modern office complex. Expression of the highest level of architectural art.

Andersia Tower

(Stare Miasto)

Available area: 651.42m2

Andersia Tower - Poznan || Office for rent || Anders Square || Minimum: 400 sqm

New Market

(Stare Miasto)

Available area: 900m2

Unique office complex in Poznan